Friday, April 13, 2012

Just When You Think You Heard It All

            Those who work at the Goodwill Thrift Store in Sherman, Texas were surely surprised when coming into work Monday morning. Adam Mabery, a convicted sex offender who recently got released from prison, decided to smash through the glass window of the motel he was staying at and cut his head and his hands open. Someone at the front desk noticed what happened and they called the police immediately. He walked down what appears to be a busy road in Texas and decided to go to the thrift store. He proceeded to try on a red dress, put a hat on, heels and strut around with a purse. If that wasn’t odd enough, he was naked walking around the store and then found the items. All the while, he is dripping blood on the merchandise, carpet, counters and front door. The entire criminal act was caught on tape and will be good evidence to get him back to prison. The video that was filming him caught him dancing in some aisles and got blood on a lot of the clothes.
            Hearing this news I was shocked to hear about all the damage that was done. There was a total amount of $30,000 of damage done through out the store. There was more damage that met the eye though. In the article it said that they had to throw away eight barrels of clothes that were donated due to contamination and because blood was on them. If that wasn’t bad enough, the store had to spend $8,000 for a cleaning crew to clean up the blood and the store had to shut down. The store took a bigger hit then I first thought while reading this because they lost a lot of business through out those days. Among other things that had to get replaced, there were the glass counters, carpeting and the front door.  
            Right now I am in a Sex Offender course and we just learned about different paraphilias. There is a chance that he has tendencies due to exhibitionism being one of the most common. So if he gets to talk to a counselor, they might be able to diagnose him. He might have done this to get a reaction or was under the influence. The authorities still don’t know if he had a nervous breakdown or what his mental state was at the time these crimes were committed. They also don’t know if alcohol or other drugs had a factor in this crime, so hopefully with in more time the full story will be out. And if he has a mental disorder that it will be recognized and he will get the treatment he needs. Although, we may never really know why he decided to do this, it will be reassuring knowing he is where he needs to be, get the help he needs, avoid committing more crimes and endangering the community. Mabery was brought to the hospital and then was booked for criminal mischief and burglary. Along with those charges, there will also be a charge of failing to register as a sex offender in North Texas.


  1. I saw this report on the news and was stunned to hear about the amount of damage this single man made in such a short period of time. I was also surprised by reading your blog on the amount of economic damages that occurred. It is a shame that Mabery cost the Good Will store 30,000 dollars in damages. While watching this segment on the news, the reporters were just making fun of Mabery by saying he must not have seen a dress in a while since he had been locked up in prison. This story is much more serious than it is funny. This man obviously has some sort of mental issues that need to be treated. It seems as though he was not properly treated before being released from prison on sex offense charges. This is a reminder of how our prison system fails to rehabilitate inmates, and as a result, they recidivate quite quickly after their release from prison.

  2. This is a crazy story, this guy clearly has some mental problems and needs help and treatment. By reading the story it doesn't seem like the store would lose that much money in damages its a shame that had to happen, but the up side to that would be nobody was hurt while he was there. Clearly his release from prison was a mistake and he should of been given a evaluation before he was brought back to society.

  3. I was shocked by the amount of damage you said the store sustained. but it does make alot of sense because of the cleaning crew and the fact that they had to close business for the day. Hopefully this individual will get the mental help that he needs and pays back the store. but from the looks of it, it doesnt seem as if he will have enough money to do that.

  4. I would think that it would be hard for a Goodwill store to say that the merchandise held any cash value before sale, as all merchandise was donated to the store and did not cost the store anything. Wages paid, cleaning, and other business related expenses, I could see factored in to the estimated damage. The $30,000 more than likely included the cost of the motel window.

    At any rate, this is the work of a sick man that needs help that our criminal justice system has already failed to give him in the past. Going right back to the place that just released him will not help this man at all. His only hope is that the attention this story gained will cause the state to get more involved in his care.