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Corrupt Police Stories

Corrupt Police Stories
                Everyone always hears about how police officers are corrupt and that they are stealing or doing drugs on the side.  Here are some recent stories that have caught my eye. 

Maurice River, New Jersey
                A 10-year veteran state prison guard was arrested for allegedly smuggling drugs into Bayside State Prison.  Guard Nazair Bey, 36 was charged with drug possession, distribution, conspiracy to distribute and official misconduct.  He is now being charged with a second degree offense and third degree offense.  He was currently making $74,940 a year, guess that was not enough money for him.  I am going to guess that this is not his first attempt at doing something like this.   Most people who get caught smuggling drugs are repeaters that get greedy.  I have no idea why he would be risking his job/career to smuggle drugs into a prison.  Is this guy is even getting paid inside, not many prisoners have that much money unless he was asked by a prisoner and was getting paid on the outside by one of his friends.

Carlsbad, California
                A Carlsbad police officer is being charged with stealing heroin from the police evidence room.  Michael Koch, 44, an 18 year veteran who was catch by numerous other officers stealing from the room.  Why would you even chance stealing from the evidence room when it is all monitored and is all on record?  I believe that some people just do not think or care.  Just because you have been on the force for such a long time does not mean other employees are going to allow you to do whatever you want.  I do not understand why he would even do this he has 18 years in which probably means he might of only had two more years to go until he is up for retirement.
                A Baltimore police officer pleads guilty to running a drug ring while on duty, in uniform, and sometimes out of his police station parking lot.  Officer Daniel Redd was charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin while carrying a firearm.  He pleads guilty to a 20 year federal prison sentence in order to get other charges dropped.  How in the world do you think you would not get caught doing something this dumb?  This guy deserves to be locked up and now he is.  I do not see how you think a little extra money in your pocket is worth 20 years in federal prison and now he is a convict which means he will never have a decent job when he does get out.  

Little Rock, Arkansas
                A Phillips County sheriff decided to accept bribes to look the other way in order to allow drugs through the states.  He was one of the five arrested police officer.  A total of 71 people were arrested.  He was warning the smugglers that a state trooper was on his way to give them a search warrant and also made an arrest warrant vanish.   He was only sentenced to 6 or 7 years in federal prison.  I think that by being an officer who is to uphold the laws should be sentenced to more years in prison.  Since this guy will be an ex-con soon and will not be able to find a good paying job I believe that he will go back to doing this again right after he is released.  This is such a short sentence I think the he will not learn his lesson. 

St. Louis
                A St. Louis sheriff deputy was caught armed and on duty buying heroin.  He was only sentenced to two year and four months in federal prison.  He was also spotted driving a drug dealer around town while on duty.  I think that this officer should have received a longer sentence because with good time he will be out in probably a year.  Did this guy really think he would not get caught driving around a known drug dealer and trying to buy drugs on the street while in uniform?  I do not understand what drug dealer would trust a cop that much to get in his car and go across town or to sell to the police officer.

More Corrupt Police Officers: Video

                These are just some of the stories I came across about police corruption.  I am sure there are a lot more since most of these were recent.  Police officers should know better than to do drugs especially try to buy them or steal them while on duty.  If they are going to do it not saying they should do it behind closed doors where no one except you is going to ever know.  Just makes me mad to know that someone with such power would want to risk such an amazing career to sit in prison with the rest of the people they locked up.

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  1. Corrupt police officers can unfortunately be found around the country, and it is up to agencies like internal affairs to help weed them out. I think that this article was really interesting and brought up some facts I had no knowledge of like the amount of drugs police officers are able to move just because they are police officers, its truly shocking.