Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drew Peterson: Guilty or Not Guilty?

The case of police sergeant Drew Peterson from Bolingbrook, Illinois became recognized nationwide as the scandal continued to grow. In 2004, neighbors found Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio, dead in a bathtub after multiple phone calls to the police over the years. Her death was ruled an accidental drowning, and many believed that this really was the case for many years. When Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy, mysteriously disappeared 3 years later, people began to question whether Drew Peterson had something to do with the death of Savio and the disappearance of his current wife.
Kathleen Savio
Peterson and Savio were married in 1992 after having an affair during Peterson’s second marriage to Vicki Connolly. In 2001, Savio and Peterson were married for almost 10 years before she was told that Peterson was once again having an affair, this time with 17-year-old Stacy. Peterson filed for divorce and continued to see Stacy while the steps towards divorce proceeded slowly.  As time passed, the relationship between Savio and Peterson worsened, and the police were called to intervene in their relationship 18 times before 2003 (1). Savio’s sister, Sue Doman, even recalled Kathleen saying, “He's gonna kill me and it's gonna look like an accident" (2). The following year, on March 1, 2004, Savio was found dead in the master bathtub. “The tub was dry, but her hair was wet, and there was a gash on her head and blood in the bottom of the tub” (2). While her death was originally ruled an accidental drowning in 2004, her body was exhumed and re-examined in 2007 due to suspicions that arose from Stacy’s disappearance. The autopsy on Kathleen’s exhumed body was performed by former New York City chief medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden, and he determined that her death was a homicide (1) (see video below(4)). There was a one-inch gash on the back of her head, and multiple bruises that demonstrated signs of a struggle before her death. Drew Peterson was then arrested in 2009 with two counts of murder in the death of his third wife. Stacy Peterson’s body is still yet to be discovered.

Stacy Peterson
While there is not much physical evidence leading Peterson to the murder of Savio, there were plenty of conversations and situations that Savio had with others where her life was clearly in danger. Savio continued to say that the police in Bolingbrook were not taking her seriously, and she began to believe that Peterson was manipulating them to do so (2). Many family members of Savio have been called to testify in court regarding, “how she was afraid for her life, she said she was afraid of Drew” (3). Another witness, co-worker Isaam Karam said, “that Drew Peterson threw Savio to the floor one night in 2003, grabbed her throat and told her he "could kill her there and then."” (3). Not only does this information make you question Peterson, but in 2007 Reverend Neil Schori from Plainfield said that while he was counseling Peterson’s fourth wife Stacy, she said that Peterson admitted in August to killing Savio (1). These testimonies could be crucial in convicting Peterson, but are they allowed to be used in court? All of this information is considered to be hearsay in Illinois, and right now the Illinois Supreme Court is ordering, “the appellate court to reconsider whether eight (out of fourteen) barred hearsay statements should be allowed in Drew Peterson’s trial for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio” (1). I think it is clear by the number of people that say negative things about Drew that he is not a good person, but is that enough to send him to prison? Although there is a lot more information and detail involved in this case, I believe that the information presented is enough to convict Drew Peterson.
I really wanted to write this blog because I wanted to hear what everyone believes. Do you think Drew Peterson is responsible for the death of Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson? Do you think hearsay should be allowed in this case?



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  2. This man is obviously guilty. Common sense is all you need to figure that out. With accusations like that against him and then two of his wives disappear, yeah I would say send him away. Whether or not hearsay should be allowed in court or not is a different issue. I would not necessarily say that what these people testified to is hearsay though. They are saying that she directly told them these things so I believe it should be allowed. This story is so sad, it is horrible that there is actually people out there that do these sort of things.

  3. I actually met Drew Peterson about four years ago in 2008 at a friends high school graduation party. I'm still not exactly sure who he came to the party with as my friends parents didn't know him but apparently one of their friends did. This was about a year before he was actually arrested but in person that day he was pretty quiet and standoffish the whole time, which is the opposite of his media portrayal. That aside however I don't think there is any way that Peterson was not involved with Savio's murder and Stacey's disappearance. I think the issue with this case lies with the complete lack of physical evidence and not so much on whether certain testimony will be allowed. This situation is the perfect example of why ethics and morals need to be so strongly enforced in the CJ field. Officers with sufficient training know exactly how to hide or destroy evidence that may link them to offenses they may commit.

  4. Drew Petersons case has always interested me too. He used to live five minutes away from when he lived with Stacy. There is no doubt in my mind that he killed Kathleen Savio. Like you said the evidence is all there. How they believed it was an accident is beyond me. Though for Stacy, many people believe she ran away or Drew killed her. Drew was seen moving a big crate into his car the day Stacy disappeared. I am expecting one of these days her body will be found. And as if the Drew Peterson case isn't messed up enough, it shocks me that right after Stacy disappeared someone was willing to marry him.

  5. I never became educated about Drew Peterson until earlier this year I watched a low budget Lifetime TV show about his story. It was the worse acting I've ever seen, I might add, but I could not take my eyes off the TV. His case is so interesting because it seems as if all the odds are against him, but it is taking so long to come up with the right verdict. Drew is clearly guilty when looking at all the evidence and suspicions. It is crazy how one man can get away with these types of crimes, but almost expected due to his involvement with the CJ system, which is scary enough at its least. I also think it is cool how some of my very own peers have met and lived right by Drew and have witnessed all of this what is seems, first hand.

  6. I must say that Drew Peterson is without a doubt guilty. From all the evidence and statements from witnesses I think that he is guilty. It's scary to think that there are people in the world like him that take the power of their jobs and use it against people.

  7. I think that this case will be interesting to watch pan out. Do I think he is guilty, without a doubt. I think that the trial is going to be very interesting since everyone has heard of the case. I think that since Stacy can not speak for herself that hearsay should be allowed.