Saturday, April 14, 2012

Haunting in New Jersey

      There are an increasing number of movies centered around paranormal activity and ghosts these days but are these things real ? A couple in New Jersey is suing their landlord for their deposit back because they claim the house they are renting is haunted. The couple said many weird things started happening to them after moving into their new home. Tenant Josue Chinchilla claims that after he heard three taps on the TV in his bedroom he felt something tap on his shoulder. Michele Callan, Chinchilla's fiance, also claimed that she witnessed spooky things such as doors opening and closing happen. The couple heard footsteps through the house.They also felt tugging at their sheets. The couple even recorded a voice thats sounds like it is saying "let it burn". They decided to move out after lights were flickering and cloths were flying out of closets, and took up residence in a hotel. If these things were happening to me there is no chance that I would have stayed in the house. The couple even went as far as hiring a paranormal research society to confirm the paranormal activity, which they did. They also went to a priest who blessed the home and identified that a the house has a "demonic possession".

       The couple is suing their landlord, Richard Lopez, for their security deposit of 2,250 dollars back. Lopez is filing a counter suit claiming that the couple wants to break the lease and is using paranormal activity as an excuse. He thinks that the couple got in over their heads and realized that they would be unable to pay the rent. He also states that no other tenants reported paranormal activity in the past. Josue and Michele deny the allegation and state that they would have never packed up and spent all that time on a move just to leave seven days later. They claim that they don't feel safe in the house and would never be able to move back in. Chinchilla noted that he had to be hospitalized due to panic attacks suffered due to his experience with paranormal activity in the house. 
       People sue their landlords all the time for security deposits and rent reimbursement. They sue for things that break the lease such as the upkeep of the home or other terms of the agreement. I don't believe there are any cases similar to this one in which people sue for security deposits because of paranormal activity. This is an interesting case because many people don't believe that paranormal activity is real. It is possible that the family may also sue for the medical bills from Chinchilla's hospitalization. 
This would be an extremely interesting case to follow in court. There are going to be arguments for both sides as to the reasons for the breaking of the lease and whether or not the family is due their security deposit. Many criminal justice majors are interested in going to law school and this case would be an interesting case to work on. Would the judge allow a paranormal presence as grounds for breaking a lease ? Would the judge even allow the paranormal research society members as expert witnesses ? What do you think the final outcome of this case would be ? 



  1. What an interesting post.I find all of this paranormal stuff very interesting. I myself am a firm believer in ghosts, paranormal activity, and hauntings. I have had unexplained things happen to me as well, now whether that would stand up in court is another thing. I think it would be very hard to prove that this couple deserved their deposit back due to something that many believe has no scientific evidence that it is even real. It think this couple may be milking this for a little more then what is necessary by claiming it caused emotional distress, panic attacks, and wanting reimbursement for the medical expenses. I honestly think that nothing would come of this in a court room at all. The couple just needs to move on.

  2. This is definitely a very interesting case. I love anything that involves paranormal activity and I am very intrigued by it. I really wonder what the court is going to decide in this case because I have never heard of paranormal activity being involved in any cases before. I think that these grounds are a good reason to break a lease and want their security deposit back, especially if they have proof of everything that they are saying. While some people may not believe in the paranormal, others do and that has to be taken into consideration. This couple is clearly shaken up by the situation and if they have the proof of others to say that he was in the hospital and that the paranormal research team confirmed a presence, then I believe that a broken lease should be allowed. This would definitely be a great case to follow and see what the court rules.

  3. This is a really interesting post. I'm not going to lie I definitely believe in paranormal things and that these people might have experienced what they were saying they did. I think that suing their landlord might be going a little too far and that's where it gets iffy for me. I have never heard of a case like this and I find it extremely fascinating. I agree that following this case in court would be interesting. They would have some interesting experts that would have to come in and not something I think I have ever heard of being brought up in court before. If they really have had problems with paranormal activity I think they should be able to get out of their lease but if they are making it up it is a very extravagant way of going about getting out of the lease.

  4. Intriguing. First, i dont see why they are suing because i would be excited to come home to that everyday. I also do not see them winning in court, but people have got away with crazy lawsuits. I am not a firm believer in paranormal activity, but my Aunt and Uncles house, which i have never been in, claims they have ghosts. They will feel something touching them in the shower and throughout the house. Wish we could have scientific evidence.

  5. Although I am not a firm believer in paranormal activity, this case is very interesting. I don't really see how the court case would come out though considering the type of evidence, but stranger things have happened. I am also skeptical about the "experts" that would be used in court, and how someone could actually call themselves a ghost expert is beyond me.