Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Ineffective Criminal Justice System of Mississippi

The people of Mississippi have been dealing with crime policies that are simply just unfair of the majority of the population of that state.  These policies promote safety, and treat the people fairly, if your wallet is thick enough and your skin is light enough that is.  Unfortunately for the people of Mississippi, there are several significant aspects of their criminal justice system that are unfair, financially irresponsible, and extremely counterproductive, especially their drug law enforcement foundation which is flawed to say the least.  A particular focus on drug law enforcement, and recommendations for reform is paramount to upstart action towards additional change of this flawed criminal justice system.

First, Mississippi has a overly harsh policy on sentencing, causing rising incarceration rates at a cost the state cannot afford with little positive impact to the public safety of the people of Mississippi.  Not only is the state of Mississippi putting themselves in debt, they are incarcerating the wrong type of offenders, such as first timers, and non violent offenders.  There is also the issue of the Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Forces and their absurd funding structure that lead them to investigate a large number of low level offenders, with poor results.  The strategy of investigating and arresting these low level offenders is counterproductive to the overall goals of the criminal justice system.  By arresting these offenders, serious and violent drug dealers are left on the street causing more harm and trafficking more drugs throughout the streets of Mississippi.   

Another major concern is the aggressive and irresponsible use of confidential informants that primarily target first time, non violent drug offenders.  Mississippi’s use of confidential informants fails to achieve the basic goals of law enforcement, because of the unmonitored system of informants that harm civilians, the basic principles of the law, and particularly African American communities.  The use of informants has been a debate in the criminal justice system ever since their first use of this program.  Although there are several advantages to this strategy, there are also several setbacks, and if not controlled to the right degree, the system of confidential informants and be detrimental to the criminal justice system as well as the environment they are operating in. 

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  1. This article is very accurate and i can vouch for it personally. I just spent my spring break in Mississippi, with the intent of scoping it out as i was planning on moving there. It is a very racist area, although the area i was in was reverse racism. Also, the S.E.S. difference created major rifts in everything from style of living to criminal Justice actions. Because of reasons such as these, it is safe to say i will not be moving to Mississippi, and pray only they turn it around