Friday, April 13, 2012

Chief Killed Days Away From Retirement

Can you imagine what it would be like to be just days away from retiring from your career as a police chief, but then being shot and killed trying to do your job?  I recently read an article off of titled New Hampshire Suspects Found Dead AfterKilling Police Chief in Shootout, where this very situation happened.

It was in a little town of three thousand and five hundred people in New Hampshire, called Greenland.  A man and a woman were found dead inside after the shooting.  It was believed that it was either a murder-suicide or a suicide pact of some sort.  Reports stated that the whole incident might have been because of a drug deal that went bad.  The suspect was armed with a rifle.  The shooting, besides killing the Chief, left four other officers injured, with two of them going into critical condition, and the other two being released from the hospital soon after they were treated for their gunshot wounds.  All of the people in the town were just so stunned, because they could never imagine anything like a shootout happening in their little town.

It was reported that the Police Chief, Michael Maloney, was only eight short days away from retirement.  He had racked up over twenty-six years of experience in law enforcement.

Some officers who are just a short time away from retirement will sometimes tend to slack off, take it easy, or just not take the job as seriously as it should be taken anymore.  Some police chiefs in his situation might just sit in the office and waste away their time.  But this man decided to be one of the good chiefs and not just blow off responsibilities, even though he was so close to the end.  He responded to the gunfight call and didn’t just sit at his desk.  He was out on the streets on the front lines.  In his last days as a police officer, he still did his job and risked his life to protect his community.  He gave his life, and the other four officers survived.

This is such a sad story to hear about.  I am always saddened when I hear about a police officer being shot.  I couldn’t imagine being so close to retirement, but then losing your life in a shootout.  I can’t even imagine how his wife would have felt, either.  It must have been extremely difficult for her to go through.  She was probably thinking that she would be getting to spend more time with him in a few more days, but then she has to deal with losing him altogether.

By Scott Masters



  1. This is really sad. Very surprising too, my hometown has a population of 10,000 people and i would still never expect that to happen. Also, this proves that anything can happen on the job. And when you least expect it, its just a shame there are people that are willing to do something so ruthless.

  2. This is unfortunate thing to happen to someone who dedicated their life to the protection of others. Although everyone knows that policing is a dangerous job, it is still shocking and saddening to hear stories like this.