Friday, April 13, 2012

Heinous Crimes

Most Heinous Crimes of 2011 in St. Louis
These are the top five heinous crimes according to riverfront times.
5. In another case an 18- month boy was left with relatives because his mother began to work the night shift. His grandmother went to pick up another relative from a bus shop about 15 minutes away. In the time while the grandmother was out, the oldest member of the household was put in charge, a 16 year old with a mental disability. The young boy began to cry when the mother left and the 16 year old left in charge did not know how to react when the boy started to cry. She then filled up the bath tub and held him under the water until he stopped crying. The stoppage was due to his death. Law enforcement is not charging the case because they believe that she does not have the capability to understand the consequences of her actions.

4. Three year old Breen Rodriguez was last seen riding her bicycle, when she disappeared the whole town turned to panic. It was days later when the neighbor Shawn Morgan confessed to murdering the young child. He suffocated her with a plastic trash bag after finding her standing on the ladder of his swimming pool. Morgan told investigators “it felt like it took an hour for the girl to die.” He then dumped her body in a ditch. He also tried to hide her bicycle.
3. Shelby Dasher was out one night drinking and upon her returned home at 2:30. Her mother left to work around 7:30. It was around this time that, Tyler, Shelby’s son began to cry. Shelby beat the child to death. The autopsy report showed that the 1-year old child was killed by blunt force trauma to the head, but no objects were used. She was charged with second degree murder. The prosecutor in the case, Bob McCulloch, said that there was lack of deliberation, “It’s the difference between hot-blooded and cold –blooded murder. After Shelby beat her son to death she dropped his body off at a graveyard about a mile away.

2. An 85 year old women was leaving her bingo game when three Been carjacked her and forced her into her trunk. They robbed her of her belonging then found a parking spot where the proceeded to set the car on fire. Each one of the suspects is being held accountable, however they are pleading not guilty to both the carjacking and murder. They were apprehended when attempting to use Yoko’s bank card.

1. Police are seeing a crime wave that seems to be a game to some criminals. This game is known as “knockout king.” In this game bands of teenagers attack pedestrians in an attempt to kill. In these cases nothing is stolen and they are not just robbing them. This game is simply “violence for the sake for violence.” In one of these cases the two victims were 72 and 59 years of age. This is bullying at its worst, the most cowardly and pathetic thing I have ever heard of.!

How do you guys feel about how these are order that these are presented?
What are some more heinous crimes that you have heard of?

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  1. These are some pretty horrific crimes. Most of them involve defenseless children. In the case of the handicapped girl holding the baby under water, she should have never been left in charge of the baby. The grandmother should have left the baby with a responsible adult that would have ensured the safety of the baby. The case of the mother beating her own child to death was the worst. As a parent it is you job to care for and protect your children. This child died at the hands of his own mother. It is very disheartening to hear about such things. We live in a cruel world where innocent people die every day. I know that people who work in the criminal justice field somewhat become emotionless after seeing so many horrible crimes but it is important to keep your human side. Many try to tuck it away so they do not go home crying every day.