Friday, March 30, 2012

Trayvon Martin Case Completely Out of Control

Cant find a picture of him at the age he was when he died.
The times we live in today are filled with fast access to news and the ability for the average Joe to have his voice heard via social media and Youtube.    I would bet my millions that I hope to win on the astounding Mega Millions jackpot that there is not a single person in this nation who has not heard of the Trayvon Martin case, or lack thereof.  This has to be the most famous non-case the world has ever seen.  I have heard countless arguments for Martin's case as well as some from Zimmerman's standpoint all of which the media has blown out of proportion.

The point of my blog entry is not to re-hash the "facts" of this case, nor is it to express my opinions about it (even though I truly think Zimmerman needs to fry).  The point of this article is to express my undying hatred for mainstream media and the way they are handling this controversial case. 

The first thing that really irritates me is the media frenzy surrounding the case.  Every morning when I log onto the Yahoo! news section, I have to sift through never ending stories about the Kardashian's, Snooki's pregnancy, and other pointless drivel.  However, I inevitably stumble onto new "breaking" developments with the Martin case.  Every single day there is something new that throws a twist into the situation.  It is not only Yahoo! that always has something new, its every single media outlet in the whole country.  I know that in America the media has the right to cover stories and get the facts of a case but COME ON, get the facts right!

The mainstream news outlets are licking their chops with this case because it means significant money for their company.  It really sickens me how the so called "facts" of this situation are being changed, manipulated, and grossly misrepresented in order to create a frenzy and public uproar.  With that said, I feel that their should be some sort of public outcry for this tragedy, I just believe it should be in a controlled, legitimate manner. 

The next thing that is very frustrating is how the media is digging for dirt on both Zimmerman and Martin.  For instance, what does it matter that Tayvon Martin may or may not have indulged in the use of Marijuana? Does that make him a bad person?  No.  Does that justify his death? H--- No.  The media is just grasping at anything to further their stories and get ratings.  Also, why are all of the pictures of Martin from when he was young?  Is this an attempt to put more sympathy his way?  The poor kid already has the sympathy of a nation. Show who the real Trayvon was when he died.

The only relevant dirt digging I have seen is from Zimmerman's past.  It was revealed that Zimmerman has anger issues and should have received a felony outside of a nightclub in Orlando for an assault on an officer.  Still though, this event took place some time ago and anyone can make horrible and life altering decisions when they are intoxicated.

The last thing I want to discuss is the judicial system and law enforcement in Florida.  What the heck is going on down there?  First, years ago, they couldn't figure out how to tally and count votes for a presidential election which ultimately led to the election of one of the worst presidents in history.  Then, only last year, they let a clearly guilty woman get away with murdering her own daughter.  Now, are they honestly going to let a clear cut, plain as day murder go unprosecuted?  This is absolutely outrageous.  From what I understand, not knowing whether to really trust the news or not, the 911 dispatcher told Zimmerman not to pursue the suspicious kid and he did.  Then, in a later released twist, there is a voice recording from the altercation that shows Martin was nervous about someone following him.  Finally, if Trayvon threatened Zimmerman's life in any way and had beat Zimmerman in any way, lets see the medical records and the bruises that could prove self defense.

Anyways, I just needed to do a little ranting on the subject because it is truly sad.  A person lost his life over absolutely nothing and Florida's superb law enforcement and judicial system is doing nothing about it.  It is kind of unsettling that the Federal government had to step in in order to kick start an investigation.

 I honestly hope Zimmerman gets prosecuted for at least voluntary manslaughter.  To let this case go would be so unjust and so unfair that our whole judicial system would need reconsidering.  I just wish that the media would gather all the correct information and release it in a legitimate fashion.


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  2. I agree that it does get very annoy and frustrating to hear the same issues/stories from every media source daily, but at the same time I like it because it doesnt let you forget about them, and forces people to kind of have an opinion about them. I do agree though that the information released should be considerate, relevant, and accurate. Like you said i think the background dirt they dug up on Martin was irrelevant and served no purpose in the case at all. I don't see how it took the feds to step in when this case is so clearly wrong.

  3. I completely agree with this article I think that the media is completely skewed on what subjects they find more important then others. Your average reader now days is more concerned about what is going on in snookis life or who won the newest singing competition rather then real news stories, so news teams have to report on completely pointless matters such as those already mentioned. I also agree with the point made that this story hit the media quickly and was being reported by every major news company, and each company wants to be the first to get some bit of information to the public which is why I believe some of the facts about this story are false. The video shows how clearly there are no marks, or bruising of any kind on the face of Zimmerman and if the officers in that area are really trying to cover up what actually happened by saying that when there is video completely disputing what was said, and Zimmerman goes unpunished then i think the system is completely flawed and something needs to be done about it.

  4. I think that this article is more of the same irresponsible reporting that is going on in the national media. All the evidence we have to go on is what the national media has given us and yet the author here says that he hopes Zimmerman is fried? How about we let the system do its job? Thats a nice video of an inexpert commentary on a poor quality video. Maybe the officers that did the arresting and questioning of Zimmerman had a better idea of whether Zimmerman was telling the truth? This case is out of control because people keep jumping to conclusions with no evidence. IF Zimmerman is found guilty of a crime then he should be punished. The fact that he has not been charged without further evidence is a mark that our system which includes a presumption of innocence is working. Lets wait for the evidence before we hang the man.

  5. I find this blog very interesting and true. The sad thing is, people only read medias articles if they involve juicy information, violence, or drugs. The media realizes this and skews all their information to target readers. Our society is not educated enough to know that the media only wants more and more reviews for the money. The media is not out for the truth, that is the last thing on their minds, behind money, money, money. The Zimmerman case is just another victim of the medias reports.