Sunday, March 25, 2012

17 Years of Someone's Life Thrown Away For Nothing

Imagine the feeling of you getting arrested for something that you did not do. Now imagine you doing over a decade behind bars for that crime. Even worse when you have a signifcant other (girlfriend) and three children at home.

He was in jail for 17 of the 23 year and 6 month sentance that he was given. On April 21, 2010 Northrop was free. He recieved his letter in the mail 8 months prior telling him that the DNA samples thaey were reviewing throughtout his time in jail were found no match to hs DNA. He was releived to say the least. He went around the jail saying "I'm out of here!!"

Getting out of jail is probably the best feelings someone could have but at the same time you have to start over with a life you dont know about anymore. You've missed out on all the new advancements with technology and things that you use from a day to day basis. Nortthrop also missed out on his time to be a father and grandfather. His three children were all under 6 years old when he was incarcerated and 17 years later his daughter has 2 year old and both his sons are in their 20s. Not being a part of your childrens lives would be hard to come back adn be the father without memories or anything. Also now he has the name of a rapist that has to overcome. All these challenges would never be in place if it wasnt for a wrong conviction.
Since Northrop was convicted in Washington and Washington is one of the states that does not reemburse you for the money you missed out on getting while you were in jail. Most states you will get some sort of money mostly around 50,000 per year you were injail just to help you get back on yopur feet. Since he did not recieve this he is working a $12.50 an hour job trying to get by. When you are a grown man it is hard to get by with only a almost minimum wage job. He cannot afford his own place so he stays with his new girlfriend, his daughter, and his granddaughter. He also cannot afford any transportation so he has to depend on other people or he has to get public transportation. This is not a life anyone would want to live so why should an innocent man be punished to this extent.

This case is crazy because the law ruined his life forever and they are not helping with anything which is not fair to anyone in any way.

What do you think about how everything was laid out?
Do you think anything should be done to the people in Alan Northrop's position?
That is exactly what happened to Alan Northrop from Washington. Northrop had the face of a sketch that was made for a rape, burglary, and kidnapping. while playing pool one day at a town bar an officer came in a questioned him with handcuffing him soon to follow. Northrop told the officer he did not do it but when he had to ivew his alibi he was honest and said he was at his house or at his girlfriend houe which made the detectives believe he was lying. On January 11, 1993, Northrop's life was changed forever.


  1. It seems people being wrongly convicted is happening all the time now. Its hard to believe states will not give some kind of compensation for people that they wrongly convict. Its a injustice to those people. Somthing needs to be done where states take responsibility and pay up to those people.

  2. This is so sad. I can't believe that the state wouldn’t give him any money especially after all the harm they caused. This innocent man sat in jail for 17 years for nothing. Rebuilding his life will be extremely difficult now, especially with the title of a rapist. He also missed all the time of watching his kids grow up and memories that he can never get back. I feel like the state needs to put the money in for this mans wrong conviction. He was treated unfairly by the justice system and deserves reimbursement.

  3. I think this is one of the saddest things that happens in our Criminal justice system. This seems to be a problem that is happening all across the US. Since DNA testing has become more used I think the number of wrongly convicted has gone down but there are still cases where this is happening.

  4. I think it is sad to just throw someone who is innocent back on the streets empty handed. No one really has faith in the justice system and this is part of the reason. Since he was exonerated their are not too many programs that will help him get back on his feet and start over.
    I wonder could he sue the Washington since he was not reimbursed for the injustice brought upon him.