Friday, March 30, 2012


Maybe it's because I'm from Chicago, but I still have a lot of bad feelings towards that man. As everybody probably knows by now, Blagojevich got shipped off to prison a couple weeks ago and still, up to the time he got into the helicopter that took him to Colorado, plead his innocence to any half-witted numskull that decided to listen to him. Is this guy honestly this stupid or does he seriously still think he's innocent? Does he honestly think that after the governor before him went to jail, people would support his innocence and try to keep him out of prison? For those who don't quite know the story I'll give you a quick recap of why he's now in prison: he was arrested on political corruption charges; one allegation in which he tried to sell Obama's former Senate seat for political favors and donations. Even after he was convicted, he continued to whine and complain that he was innocent and that the "truth will come out," (blah blah blah). If you were innocent Rod, why did several of your aides and advisors rat you out shortly after they were arrested? If you were dumb enough to think you could get away with this, you’re dumb enough to get caught.  Here’s the video of him before he went to prison:

Political corruption happens all the time in one way or another; and this guy is a shining example or who we have to deal with in our government. How these people get elected I will never know. 4 Chicago governors have been convicted on political corruption since the 1960's and I don't have a doubt in my mind that another one is right around the corner because of the idiots who will elect him. This is why I don't get involved with politics (outside of voting). Nobody listens to what the people actually want; they're only out for themselves and what benefits them in the long run, not what benefits the people, city, state, or country. Well Blagojevich, you got what you deserved (even if I don't think it's enough punishment) and don't worry, you'll still have morons groveling at your feet when you get out in 14 years. I hope you rot in that prison and do all of us in Chicago a favor, don't ever come back. 


  1. I did not really care so much about his case, because it was always on the news and it was just boring, but I was very annoyed about all the news media he was getting when it was time for him to go to prison. I can really careless about this guy, and some people at the airport were taking pictures with him like he was Tom Cruise! He was arrested for political corruption charges and made Chicago look bad, we are the worst corrupted city in the world, its so sad. For people to talk to him at the airport and take pictures with him was so annoying to see on the news. He was all happy and acting like he was going on vacation, but I hope its not pleasant for him when he gets there. In this society I would not be surprised if he gets special treatment in prison.

    1. The sad thing is that blegojevich will be spending time in a comfy white-collar prison. The special treatment that he is receiving is ridiculous, such as the fact that on his way to going to prison he was allowed to stop at a fancy steak restaurant and have a luxurious meal before he was put away is just one of the examples. That's ok though, because he's a famous politician right? If I were to commit a crime, I know that I would not be so lucky. The only meal I would get would be the bologna sandwich they give you and I would have to fight to protect my mayonnaise from the other inmates. I highly doubt that blogo has to worry about anything of that nature, hell, he probably even gets full cable tv with HBO so that his slap on the wrist sentence won't take to much of a toll on him. Another case of political corruption in chicago...