Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry! -- Sandusky, That Is

Jerry Sandusky: What a great defensive coach for Penn State for all those years! . . Yeah, no one cares about that. People care about their children and their safety.

In my opinion, there is not a more heinous / outrageous crime than murder, but rape is damn close; especially rape of young children. The exact number of children he sexually abused is unknown, but, in my opinion, even if a person THINKS of sexually abusing a child, that person should be locked up. How this man was allowed to roam, lurk, and creep around freely for 12 years after he resigned from Penn State’s football coaching staff is beyond me.

Here is an interview between Bob Costas and Jerry Sandusky. The actual, full-length interview is about 10 minutes long, but I dont' think you really need to see more than this 30 seconds. This man deserves to be locked up for, without question, til he dies. It's a shame he's so old already. He was arrested in November 2011 and the case information swept the nation. Joe Paterno was wrong to keep this quiet for so long.

Joe Paterno was the head football coach of Penn State for 46 YEARS. He WAS Penn State. He knew everything going on in that organization. Joe Paterno plead the 5th the best way he could and . . Died. Too soon?

Here is the incredibly graphic grand jury report that came out in November 2011. If you're interested, this website highlights certain areas in the 23-page document that are just horrifying. So horrifying, in fact, that typing them in this blog would probably be unacceptable.

In the report, there are 8 victims. What I found most interesting in the report was the 8th victim. A janitor witnessed . . let's leave it at "a shower incident" but feared to report the incident because he thought he would lose his job. This janitor presently has dementia so he is unable to testify.

In the latest news that I found on, Jerry Sandusky is awaiting trial that will begin in May 2012. He is up for 52 criminal counts and prosecutors are claiming that he has sexually abused 10 boys in 15 years.



  1. Sad that someone parents trust as a football coach and a legend in his own right could do this. Its really sad that it took all these years for this to actually come out into the public eye and for those boys to get justice.

    Can you imagine what those boys went through all of there lives living in a secret and shame? No telling how that played a role on those boys mentally, I wonder do any of the boys have any criminal records because if they do that could be thanks to Mr. Sandusky!

  2. I agree with you about pretty much everything. I don't think Paterno should be blamed in front of about 5 or 6 people. The grand jury report really shows the extent to which certain people who actually witnessed these sick crimes turned a blind eye to it. I don't understand how the janitor and at one point a graduate assistant could witness such a disgusting act happening in the locker room showers and not do anything to stop it. I think to me that deserves the most blame (outside of Sandusky himself of course). But I agree Sandusky should be locked up for the rest of his life, the man is one sick individual.

  3. When I first heard about this I was in shock. I could not believe that this had been happening for all those years, and I could not believe that it took this long for someone to come forth. This is just an overal sad story. Not only has this man ruined many young childrens lives, but has also placed a dark cloud over the Penn State University. I believe a 100% that this man is guilty, and I am extremely anxious to see how everything will unfold when the trial officially gets underway.

  4. First off I agree that what this man did was horrible and he should be punished. That said I believe you have gotten some bad information. Joe Paterno reported what he was told immediately to three superiors and they chose to ignore it. He also did report it to the authorities; he reported it directly to the Chief of the Campus Police Department. Joe Paterno was used as no more than a scapegoat. With that said his name should not even come up in the conversation. The story isn't about him. It is about one man who did horrible things and most importantly the victims! The way this story has unfolded has shown how the system tends to revictimize the victims. Obviously if you are in this class you are going to be graduating but I would suggest that anyone who wanted to learn more take the sex offenders in the system class, CJS 337 I think. I am taking it now and it has changed my view of offenders. I still think it is completely sick, but I now understand it more. I also like how that class teaches that you have to be able to put your personal beliefs aside when dealing with sex offenders. If you don't, as an officer you will destroy your own case because if you go in with contempt and disgust they will pick it up and shut down. They will never talk to you and that's what you have to do to get a conviction is get them talking. I would like to say once again though the most important part of the story is the victims, we must not forget them.

  5. One of the worst things about this case is that he was in a position of power with access to his victim group. People trusted him because he was supposed to be teaching kids and students team building and other life lessons that come with playing sports, but instead he was molesting the people who trusted him the most. The fact that the people around him failed to bring this up earlier is the most disgusting fact of all. Sure, he was a legend or whatever, but the second that same legend starts raping children, which I believe is comparable to murder since you basically murder the soul and innocence of the child who is then forced to go through life in a state of fear and shame, you MUST report it. Sure, no one wants to risk losing their job, but how much is that job really worth to you that you cover for a child rapist who continued to take victims. The fact that Penn State's fans were so upset about Sandusky and Paterno losing their jobs after that sickened me. I remember hearing on ESPN that there were essentially riots going on when Paterno got canned, but what the sports fanatics choose to ignore is that he is essentially just as guilty as Sandusky. Evil is allowed to happen when good men do nothing.