Wednesday, February 22, 2012

44 Murdered in Mexico Riot

44 Murdered in Mexico Prison Riot

Dozens of people gather outside a prison in Northern Mexico to find out if their family members were killed in a riot.
See if you can agree with me here. Something just doesn’t seem right about this riot at all. It is very often that inmates in Mexico, riot and cause tons of turmoil, but it just seems as though this prison in Monterrey, Mexico was very ill prepared. Let is review the facts of this unfortunate breakout that occurred February 19,2012.
First, it started when supposedly two rival gangs (Gulf and Zeta Cartel) who are normally separated were put together, and tempers fueled causing a fight. Secondly investigators are looking into guards who may have been behind the gathering of the two gangs, 17 guards are being detained and question about their possible involvement in the riot. Thirdly, families are looking for information to see if their love ones are alive and information cannot be given because authorities as of Monday February 20 everyone has not been accounted for. Which leads to the last major fact, inmates are still missing, but officials are still unsure who is in fact missing. Now could this have been a staged outbreak, so certain individuals could escape?
Let us break this down clearly, so we can see where the underlying issue stems from. Two rival gangs are placed in the same environment, and guards are aware of the gang members because the gangs are placed in two separate cell blocks. This is to keep the tension down between to two gangs and make it easier for prison guards and other officials alike. This is evidently where the issue begins.
Presumably there were 17 guards working on Sunday and there are 2,500 inmates so the ratio is 147 inmates to each guard. That may be overkill and a lot could very much get pass the guards without their knowledge. Why are there so few guards working at the time? This is not the first time inmates have had riots leaving some injured or dead, the prison administration should employ more staff for the security of all in that type of atmosphere.
Checkout this video.
Families members were worried that their, inmate love ones could possibly be one of the inmates that have been brutally murdered or injured. Handmade shanks and violent deadly hits to rival inmates are the causes of the injuries and deaths. There were no guns that were reported during this riot. The confusion here to me is how prison officials were able to say 44 inmates were killed but, they are unsure who is killed and unsure of people who could’ve possibly escaped (not everyone is accounted for right?). It took over two hours plus the help of the state police to restore order within the prison. Outside the prison, family members were in protest for answers, pulling apart fences and whatever else to get the attention of officers. Why was there no type of order for this situation? It makes me wonder have they been practicing any drills for riots. If not, maybe a plan of action is in order since this happens every so many years.
The major issue to me is how everyone is still not accounted for, an entire day later. Also the guards would have to know something because there is no reason two rival gangs should have been in the same room with each other. Why can the administration not give the families any information? Some type of order really needs to be put in place so when riots do happen in these prisons in Mexico there will not be so many holes in their story when given to the public. What do you think about the story?



  1. It is an intriguing story,and there are a lot of questions unanswered, but to answer one of your questions as to why they did not hire more officers, while they might not have funding or resources to hire officers and train them, they were probably struggling with the officers they already had. I think maybe some guards put the two gangs together in order to start a riot maybe to help some inmates escape, because that could be a reason why inmates and guards are still missing.

  2. Very interesting and scary article. I think they may know a rough body count because they were able to see bodies laying around. Maybe they haven't identified them because the bodies were so badly deformed? Mexico has a very different view on criminals and safety that we do so maybe they don't really care about reporting accurate or speedy information to the families of the inmates. I do agree with your question about how this could have happened in the first place. Seems to me the guards thought it would be fun to mix the gangs and watch the show. If so, that's sick and they should be thrown in that same jail with those inmates.