Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Taping Daughter Because of Hitting Back- Guilty or Not?



Ethics is a subject matter that most like to avoid, but truly define what is “good” and “how to behave”. When raising a child normally people have a general idea about what is acceptable and what is deemed unnecessary. The ethics of childhood is basically the provided care and education in a safe, healthy, and nurturing home. The parents are supposed to give a child proper development and provide them with an appropriate way of discipline when a child is in trouble.
                Andre Curry is a dad who raises his daughter on his own. A few weeks ago he claimed to be joking around when he posted a picture of his daughter on Facebook with tape around her hands, feet, and over her mouth. People that knew him said that he was a very good father and that everyone “plays” with their children differently. As we were learning Kant focuses on the act not the outcome of what the person is doing. This is why this case could be supported from either side so to speak. From a person that is in love with children and despise when people do not treat them right, I think this could carry a very heavy outcome. He is a single father who is 21 years old and is supporting his child on his own He obviously doesn’t treat her wrong on a regular basis if he is doing all the raising himself and does not have a criminal background at all. No one understands why he chose to joke around like this but an ethic basis from a child is that the child depends on their parents. A barely one year old girl was raised by her dad because the mother was not suitable. She is still very young so she needs supportive people around her to protect her and help her grow. This act that Andre Curry did was not acceptable but he did it as a joke.
                He was held on bond for roughly $100,000 and then was lessened to $30,000. He was released on a 105 bail of that $30,000. It is understood he has no criminal record and very cooperative with the police. He has spoken to his church and has openly claimed what he did was wrong. That is something that many would find a positive outcome of this situation, but he did take a risk posting items on a social media sight with humorous intentions at the result of his child being the one laughed at! With social media becoming its own being so to speak what type of ethics and standards should be expected of parents when it comes to pictures posted of their children? One of the comments to Curry’s photo was a woman claiming he was going to have DCFS called on him. Is it going to be DCFS’s problem to search public media outlets for safe keeping of children as well? Would the same outcome be if it was a girl’s first bath with the baby being naked in the picture? Though maybe that will open another can of ethic worms!
People do make mistakes but which mistakes are the ones that should be taken seriously or not? 


  1. First off, this is absolutely terrible. Of course Curry's friends are going to say he is a great father and what not, they are his friends, and from what they see, he is raising and supporting a child on his own, at 21 years old. However, "joking" around and posting pictures like he did was assinine and he should have known it would be taken to the extreme. Judge a book by its cover is a term we use daily and people go by these initial impressions. If anyone who sees this picture their first impression would imply that this man has some serious issues. Kind of remind me of the Michael Jackson issue with him holding his children over the balcony.
    You also raised some very good controversial questions about public media that really makes me think, such as the example with the baby's first bath. You are right, people do make mistakes, but with this incident it clearly was not a mistake, it was a dumb, immature action that needed consequences.

  2. I agree with you Jamie. This situation kind of reminds me of a relationship. A man can treat his woman greatly by being faithful, buying her nice things, and spending alot of time with her. The second that man decides he wants to smack or punch that woman in the face and claim he was just "playing" would be his ultimate downfall. You dont do things like that. The father should have never taped his child like that; yet alone post that on social websites. That is absolutely stupid!

  3. In regards to the blog posted Brittany Tazzioli, the ethical issue is right versus wrong. After reading this the obvious answer is Andre Curry is wrong. He bound and gagged his daughter and posted the photos on Facebook. One word comes to mind...SICK. This man may of tried to come off as a joke and brainwashed everybody accept for the people who have morals. Sure no criminal background, proclaimed a great father and other external factors make i seem like its a joke. However I cant be fooled, as a father you are meant to care, love, teach and provide for your child. If you want to play with her then take her to the park like a normal parent.
    I honestly believe that curry should lose his privileges with his daughter but he should still pay child support. When Curry wants to see his daughter, it must be under strict supervision. Ill leave with this since he says this is a joke, its all fun and games til somebody gets hurt. So what will happen next time when her father decides to play another practical joke?

  4. I believe that what Curry did here was also incredibly wrong and inappropriate but i do not however think that he should lose his child. The man has no criminal record and is clearly involved in his church so he is doing something right here. I think that he definitely undergo some sort of therapy so that he can get to the bottom of his actions and be sure that it never happens again and if it does then the child will be removed but i think that since this is his first issue with the law ever that removing the child and placing her in foster care is wrong. I think that a logical criminal would know not to put such things on a social networking site for the world to see and personally that causes me to believe that it was just a joke of pure ignorance.

  5. Regarding Kant, this act is unacceptable as well as the outcome. By apologizing to his church is no good outcome and should not play a role in leniency for him. Also, i think it is okay for DCFS to look through public media sites, such as facebook. Whether he thought this was funny or not he is obviously not fit to care for a child.

    1. I agree to make a decision like this you are not fit to care for a child.

  6. Wow, this is disgusting to say the least. Joke or not, that picture and whatever else may have happened between this young girl and her father can probably only be appauling. Anyone trying to raise a kid at 21 years old, and doing so by yourself is obviously a hard task, but I think preventative measures could have taken place so this whole situation would never have happened. However to discuss what age someone is suitable to have and care for a child is another debate. Bottom line, from any ethical standpoint this is wrong. joking or not, you don't do that to a child, who most likely didn't know the repecussions of her action of "hitting back." She's one for god's sake. I would be all for taking this man's child away. I believe it would do good for the greatest number of people including providing adequate care for this child as well as getting Andre some help of his own.

    Also, yes the DCFS should be allowed to look through social media sites. If you put it out there its your own fault. And that's another issue i'd rather not fill up this comment space with is facebook. I thoroughly hate it. It's ruining peoples lives whether they want it to or not, but you can't help but put the blame all on the idiots who post things like this.

  7. I think that what Andre Curry did was completely wrong. I understand that at 21 he may be a little immature and may struggle to raise a child by himself; however that is no excuse for what he did. He should know that taping up a helpless child is wrong even if he believed that it was a “joke”. I believe from any “ethical” standpoint this would be viewed as wrong. The act itself is wrong, and the outcome of this is also very wrong. Taping up a child with duck tape is not a joke, even if the intent wasn’t malicious. My parents were very young when I was born and my mother raised my sister and I while my father was overseas in the military, we were never recipients of jokes like this. I think that even if this was meant to be a joke Andre Curry should have enough common sense to know that taping up a child is wrong.

  8. I agree with everyone else’s comments. This is terrible! A joke or not, no parent should ever bound and gag their child! And I find it even more disturbing that the mother was okay with it and supporting him. I agree that there are definitely some ethical issues going on here and I think he was wrong for doing what he did. Another thing I find horrible is that this church is supporting his actions. I think this also questions the ethics of this church. I do understand people from time to time make mistakes but what would be going through your mind to duct tape your 22 month old baby’s hand and feet and tape her mouth shut! It is really scary that people like this are parents!